July 1999 Newsletter Highlights

The July issue of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter contains 32 pages and includes the CHP News Insert. The Newsletter will be mailed by the printer on 16 June.

  • The COVER story—with the recent showing of the movie "Atomic Train" Health Physics Society members have learned that they can make a difference in public perception of radiation issues. Read how you can make a difference in other situations by Doing Something!
  • The EDITORIAL — Dade Moeller lists several satirical ways that HPS members can apply the ALARA principle.
  • In the PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Keith Dinger recaps his year as president.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — Ken Peterson, coauthor along with K.Z. Morgan, of The Angry Genie: One Man's Walk Through the Nuclear Age, questions Geoffrey Eichholz's review of the book and Eichholz responds.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Otto Raabe, Awards Committee Chairman, lists the 1999 award recipients.
  • AGENCY NEWS — The NRC is going to make public records available electronically; the NRC is amending regulations to expand opportunities for participation by Indian tribal governments in NRC hearings. The EPA tells about a project to identify the most important radiation-related challenges that may emerge between now and 2025.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — The Northeastern New York Chapter and the Columbia Chapter both have news in this month's Newsletter telling about their latest meetings. If you'd like to include a chapter update in the Newsletter about your chapter, send the info to Sharon at hpsnews@frontiernet.net.
  • The "Health Physics Enrollments and Degrees, 1998" survey conducted by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education is on pages 13-14. Enrollments and degrees decreased at all levels in 1998.
  • The January-June 1999 author and subject index is on pages 15-16.
  • In NOTES you'll find:
    • an article about Roger Cloutier receiving the first Loevinger-Berman Award from the Society of Nuclear Medicine,
    • the list of those members who have, as of 1999, belonged to the Society for 25 years,
    • the obituaries of Harold O. Wyckoff and G. Hoyt Whipple,
    • a write up about the radon workshop held in Athens, Greece,
    • the names of 19 new members of the HPS during May, and
    • information about the 33rd Midyear Topical Meeting to be held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, late January and early February next year.
    • The Terrill Seminar is scheduled for 22 October.
    • The National Academy of Sciences announces the BEIR VII Project and we have the list of committee members, specialties, and affiliations.
    • The University of Texas is looking for HP Journals. If you have Journals to get rid of, read this article to find out what to do with them.
    • The NEA has a new Bulletin available. You can read about it on page 23 of this Newsletter.
    • Tim Martinson tells what will be happening at the 10th Eberline User Group Conference to be held 27-29 July at Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
  • There are 16 display ads, 17 short courses offered, and four job offers.

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