June 1999 Newsletter Highlights

The June issue of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter contains 40 pages and includes the Call for Papers Insert for the 33rd Midyear Topical Meeting in Virginia Beach, 30 January-2 February 2000.

  • The COVER story by Newell Stannard is his remarks given at the Seventh J. Newell Stannard Lecture Series at Lake Tahoe, Nevada—10 April 1999.
  • The EDITORIAL — "the Pot is Being Stirred Again" is Gen Roessler's view of what's been happening since the NCRP draft report came out on the linear, nonthreshold issue.
  • President Dinger tells what went on in April — about his meeting with the General Accounting Office, Congressional staff visits, the Executive Committee meeting, and his concern about the NBC Special Movie "The Atomic Train."
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Liz Gemski highlights the Congressional staff visits made by Keith Dinger, Bill Mills and Ray Johnson.
  • MEMBERS' POINTS OF VIEW — four members of the Society give different perspectives on the linear, nonthreshold issue.
  • AGENCY NEWS — In EPA News Larry Weinstock has a note concerning ANSI N13.1-1999; in NRC News, the NRC extends the public comment period for regulations licensing proposed radioactive waste repository in Nevada.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — The East Tennessee, the Savannah River, the Sierra Nevada, and the Northern California Chapters have articles in this month's Newsletter. The California Chapters gave the highlights of their annual Lake Tahoe meeting.
  • In SECTION NEWS the Power Reactor Section tells who the four scholarship recipients are, and the Decommissioning Section unveils its website.
  • HEALTH PHYSICS SPOTLIGHT — This month the Rules Committee is in the Spotlight.
  • NEWS FROM THE NCRP — Eric Kearsley reports about the NCRP Annual Meeting that was held 7-8 April in Arlington, Virginia.
  • In MEMBER NEWS read about C. Rick Jones' appointment to the NEA, CRPPH and Mel Carter being inducted into Georgia Institute of Technology's Engineering Hall of Fame and also into the National Academy of Engineering.
  • Read TALES FROM THE ATOMIC AGE to find out about the missing radium needles that were found "in the groove," "in the pink," and "in the dumps."
  • In NOTES you'll find:
    • program updates and local information for the Philadelphia meeting,
    • the obituaries of Al Baietti and John Horan,
    • an article reprinted from the NRPB Bulletin about cosmic ray doses during air travel,
    • an HPS website update,
    • the development of a new ANSI N13 proposed standard on characterization,
    • information about three upcoming NEI health physics related forums, and
    • the names of 15 new members of the HPS.
  • The "CHP Corner" has information from the ABMP and from the Board.
  • There are 17 display ads, 13 short courses, and three job offers.

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