May 1999 Newsletter Highlights

The May 1999 edition of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter contains 40 pages and includes one of the very valuable ANSI Standards, ANSI 13.1.

  • The COVER story highlights the upcoming Annual Meeting to be held in Philadelphia 27 June-1 July. You'll read about the change of the Night Out to an Awards Dinner, who the G. William Morgan and Landauer lecturers are, what their talks will be about, and other features of the meeting.
  • The EDITORIAL is written by Paul Frame in his usual captivating style. It's his version of an infomercial for the Health Physics Society. Believe me — you'll enjoy it!
  • President Dinger summarizes what went on during the month of March in his President's Message titled "March Madness."
  • Joyce Davis is back with a CROSSWORD PUZZLE — a little something to stimulate the brain.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Liz Gemski discusses the House Nuclear Issues Working Group and its founders.
  • Dade Moeller and Michael Ryan give their "Qualifications of the Human Intruder."
  • AGENCY NEWS — In Agency News, there are articles on: "Proposed NRC Rule Would Permit Nuclear Power Plants to Change Accident Analyses of Public Radiation Dose," "Commission Publishes ‘White Paper' Report on Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Regulation," "NRC Issues Draft Plan for Reviewing Future License Applications for Enrichment Facility," and "NRC Seeks Comments on Performance-Based Regulatory Oversight Report."
  • SECTION NEWS — The Power Reactor Section has included the Scholarship Application for five $1,000 scholarships to be awarded — deadline is 28 May.
    • Section members have recently completed voting on logo designs for the Decommissioning Section. You'll see the three top designs in the Newsletter.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — The Delaware Valley Society for Radiation Safety reports on their latest Chapter meeting.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — The list of HPS Standing Committee Appointments for 1999-2000 is included in this issue of the Newsletter and Ray Johnson explains what to do if you're interested in volunteering for a Committee Appointment.
    • Diane Flack informs readers about the position open as Director of Special Publications, gives a list of the responsibilities for the job, and describes how to apply for the position. Diane also reminds readers of the position openings for the Newsletter and Journal editors-in-chief.
  • NOTES — Find out about the new HPS website and how you can be an "expert responder."
    • KZ Morgan is convalescing from major surgery. We've included his address and encourage you to send him cards or letters.
    • Bob Wickline gives us a potpourri of Annual Meeting activities and fun things to do in Philadelphia.
    • David Hamby and Srimathi Kannan from the University of Michigan are combining efforts in radiological science and human nutrition.
    • The Health Physics Society reports 21 new members during March.
    • The Columbia University offers a Program in Medical Physics, leading to a master's degree. Find out how to get more information about this program.
    • Carlyle Gravely, Chairman of the Virginia Chapter Local Arrangements Committee, provides information about the Midyear Meeting that will be held in Virginia Beach, 30 January-2 February 2000.
    • The obituaries of Andy Hull and Aaron Padgett are on pages 26 and 27.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — University of Michigan Professor Glenn Knoll was Elected to the National Academy of Engineering.
  • CHP CORNER — Academy members are encouraged to complete the Membership Survey in this month's "CHP Corner." The results will be provided to the Academy Executive Committee at the HPS Annual Meeting.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — There are six pages of display ads, three pages of short courses and eight job offers. Support these Newsletter advertisers!

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