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Health Physics Society Journal

June 2016, Volume 110, Number 6

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On the cover: TheWaste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) is located on a remote 16-square-mile area in southeastern New Mexico. Photo by Dirk Roberson.



Influence of DTPA Treatment on Internal Dose Estimates — Estelle Davesne, Eric Blanchardon, Bernadette Peleau, Philippe Correze, Sandra Bohand, and Didier Franck

Perception of Radiation Risk by Japanese Radiation Specialists Evaluated as a Safe Dose Before the Fukushima Nuclear Accident — Miwa Miura, Koji Ono, Motohiro Yamauchi, and Naoki Matsuda

Modeling Study of a Proposed Field Calibration Source Using K-40 and High-Z Targets for Sodium Iodide Detectors — Jeremy Rogers, Craig Marianno, Gene Kallenbach, and Jose Trevino

Implementation of a Portable HPGe for Field Contamination Assay — Robert Bruce Hayes

Biokinetics of 90Sr in Male Nonhuman Primates — Eric S. Krage, Deepesh Poudel, Jasen Swanson, Raymond A. Guilmette, and Richard R. Brey

Efficiency Calibration for Environmental Gamma Spectrometry Using GATE — Tareq Alrefae

Soluble Vascular Endothelial Cadherin as a New Biomarker of Irradiation in Highly Irradiated Baboons with Bone Marrow Protection — Francis Hérodin, Diane Voir, Isabelle Vilgrain, Marie Courçon, Michel Drouet, and François-Xavier Boittin

Primary Beam Air Kerma Dependence on Distance from Cargo and People Scanners — Daniel J. Strom and Frank Cerra

Use of Transportable Radiation Detection Instruments to Assess Internal Contamination from Intakes of Radionuclides Part I: Field Tests and Monte Carlo Simulations — Robert Anigstein, Michael C. Erdman, and Armin Ansari


Outdoor Exposure to Solar Ultraviolet Radiation and Legislation in Brazil — Abel A. Silva


The Higher a Detector, the Larger Its Circle of Investigation — Laurel E. Sinclair


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