Elizabeth Heyeck, CHP


Work Experience

2014-Present, Health Physicist Senior

D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant, Bridgman, MI

  • Manage a team including dose assessors, NRC communicators, field teams for Emergency Preparedness exercises and on-call
  • Perform controller/evaluator functions during Emergency Preparedness exercises for other teams
  • During refueling outages, perform as the ALARA and Instrumentation Supervisor, perform step-up duties to management as needed
  • Manage the implementation of the Nuclear Industry Standard Practices (NISPs), including procedure revisions and training
  • Coordinate NRC inspection response and pre/post self-assessments of inspection readiness
  • All duties as detailed in prior work descriptions


2012-2014, Health Physicist

D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant, Bridgman, MI

  • Perform Corrective Action Program coordination for RP department, including causal analyses and self assessments
  • Perform radioactive material shipments and DOT shipment paperwork reviews and submittals
  • Perform shielding calculations for reduction of High Radiation Areas, reduction of dose to workers
  • Perform dose assessment activities for Emergency Preparedness exercises and on-call
  • Perform training for new and supplemental RP technicians, specifically including radiological surveys and dosimetry


2011-2012, Associate Health Physicist

D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant, Bridgman, MI

  • Perform dosimetry evaluations including skin and internal dose assessments
  • Implement new RP software and remote monitoring technology
  • Develop procedures for RP instrumentation, ALARA, dosimetry, radiological job coverage
  • Develop technical bases for alpha/beta instrumentation, tritium air sampling processes, TEDE evaluation process



Purdue University, May 2011

B.S. Radiological Health Science


Professional Skills

Certified Health Physicist

DOT Transportation of Radioactive Materials (2012, 2015)

Proficient in use of several Health Physics related software applications including:

  1. MIDAS (Accident Calculations)
  2. Microshield (Shielding)
  3. Varskin (Skin dose)
  4. RADMAN/ISIP (Radioactive material shipping)

(This résumé was posted on 31 May 2018.)