Bert Morales, CHP, PMP

941 Calle Mejia #1216, Santa Fe, NM  87501
+1 (505) 603-2240


  • MBA in Engineering and Technology Management, City University of Seattle
  • BS in Technology, specializing in Nuclear Technology, Regents Colleg

Professional Certifications

  • Certified Health Physicist, CHP #6613
  • Project Manager Professional, PMP # 1938121
  • Certified Safety Professional, CSP #25374
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, CHMM #16716
  • National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists, RRPT

Specialized Training

  • ORAU, Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM) Training (11/16)
  • ANL, Facility Decommissioning Training Course (06/16)
  • HMTC Phil Rieke, Advance Radioactive Material Shipper Certification Training (06/16)
  • CSU, Health Physics Exam Review (05/15)
  • Naval Nuclear Power Training Command; Engineering Laboratory Technician (ELT) (1986-87)

Foreign Languages

  • Spanish, Bilingual proficiency.
  • Russian, Professional working proficiency.

Summary of Experience

Current Position:

Radiation Safety Officer and Technical Account Manager for UniTech Services Group, Inc. (11-10-09 to the present) 
Duties included:  Responsible for ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations for the radioactive material license at UniTech’s Santa Fe, NM facility. Supervising the receipt and handling of contaminated personal protected equipment from Los Alamos National Lab (LANL). Ensuring all bills of lading to ship hazardous materials are properly classified and labeled under DOT regulations. Ensuring that licensed material possessed is limited to the types and quantities of radioactive material listed on the license. Maintaining documentation that demonstrates that the dose to individual members of the public and radiation workers, do not exceed the limit specified in radiation control regulations. Providing training to on-site personnel who may be exposed to ionizing radiation, and for other site-specific hazards. Ensuring that proper detection techniques and instrumentation are utilized for measurements of exposure rates and contamination on shipping and receiving surveys. Responsible for the account management of personal protective equipment at Los Alamos National Lab, including the writing of service contracts, management of inventories, performing quality assurance, performing training, managing stakeholder engagement, documenting lessons learned and providing monthly status reports.

Previous Positions:

  • Nevada Test Site: Decommissioning: Nuclear Rocket Test Facility. (05-18-09 to 11-05-09)
  • Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant: BWR Refueling operations. (03-16-09 to 05-09-09)
  • Idaho National Laboratory: Decommissioning: Power Burst Facility (PBF). (05-7-07 to 01-18-08)
  • Rocky Flats Plant: Decommissioning: Bldg. 771. (10-28-01 to 06-12-02)
  • San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station: Normal Ops & Outages. (12-22-97 to 08-15-01)
  • Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant: Steam generator maintenance. (10-20-97 to 11-20-97)
  • South Texas Project: Steam generator maintenance. (09-09-97 to 10-03-97)
  • South Texas Project: PWR Refueling operations. (09-25-95 to 11-4-95)
  • San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station: PWR Refueling operations. (01-23-95 to 4-7-95)
  • Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Station: Drywell maintenance, CRDs (04-16-95 to 05-17-95)
  • San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station: PWR Refueling operations. (07-10-95 to 9-14-95)
  • Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Station: Drywell maintenance, CRDs (08-22-94 to 10-21-94)
  • Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant: Steam generator maintenance. (1-15-94 to 4-23-94)
  • Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant: Characterization surveys of unit 2. (08-23-93 to 12-10-93)
  • Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant: Chemistry Technician.
  • Navy Nuclear Power Program, Engineering Laboratory Technician (ELT). (09-23-85 to 9-23-91)

(This résumé was posted on 16 January 2018.)