Seeking a position in the field of radiation detectors and instrumentation.


Duke University, Durham, NC                                                                  Anticipated Graduation May 2018

Master of Science in Medical Physics

GPA: 3.61/4.00

University of California, Davis                                                                                   Graduated June 2015

Bachelor of Science in Physics

GPA: 3.42/4.00

Research Experience

Graduate Student Researcher, Duke University                                                   September 2016 – Present

I-131 Dosimetry and Nanoparticle Detector Research

  • Developed a simple model to describe the behavior and dosimetry of an I-131 solution within a mouse tumor
  • Performed Monte Carlo simulations using FLUKA and GAMOS to model the dosimetry of I-131
  • Explored applications of a novel nanoparticle scintillator in low energy beta detection, i.e. I-131
  • Developed an acrylic phantom for use in chest radiography scatter surveys
  • Operated lab equipment including: x-ray irradiators, ion chambers, MOSFET detectors, survey meters, TLDs, and TLD readers
  • Generated dose calibration curves for MOSFET detectors and TLDs
  • Performed dosimetry calculations using MIRD formalism

Research Assistant, University of California, Davis                                                 January 2014 – June 2015

Semiconducting Nanowire Research

  • Grew lead sulfide and vanadium dioxide nanowires via vapor-liquid-solid chemical deposition
  • Performed characterization tests on nanowires including: current-voltage curves, gate voltage dependency, scanning photocurrent microscopy, and low/high temperature behavior
  • Operated lab equipment including: oscilloscopes, voltmeters, preamplifiers, function generators, data acquisition boards, lasers, microscopes, mechanical probe stations, wire bonders, gloveboxes, and gas canisters
  • Performed simulations characterizing the photoelectric response of nanowires to various wavelengths of light using Lumerical’s FDTD Solutions
  • Coauthored for contributions to data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation


Yang, Yiming, et al. “Broadband Quantum Efficiency Enhancement in High Index Nanowire Resonators.” Nano Letters, vol. 15, no. 5, 2015, pp. 3541–3546., doi:10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b01008.

Work Experience

Intern, Electron Microscopy Sciences                                                                    October 2015 – June 2016

Service Support Technician

  • Performed diagnostics and minor repairs on laboratory equipment
  • Performed melting point tests for quality assurance of company products
  • Catalogued manufacturing chemicals and product samples

Computer Skills

MATLAB, Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop

Familiar with FLUKA and GAMOS Monte Carlo modeling software

(This résumé was posted on 9 January 2018.)