Jillian D. Shuman

407 Knolls Place l Nashville, TN 37211 l 317-750-8250 l jillian.d.shuman@vanderbilt.edu


Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN

  • Doctorate in Medical Physics in Diagnostic Imaging................Expected June 2018
  • M.S. in Medical Physics....................................................................June 2016

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology – Terre Haute, IN

  •    B.S. in Physics..............................................................................May 2014
  • Minors: Mathematics, Biology, Spanish
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Passed ABR Part 1 August 2016, eligible to take ABR Part 2 August 2018

Professional Experience

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, July 2016-Present

Medical Physics Resident

  • Performed state inspections on portable c-arms, portable radiographic units, fixed fluoroscopic units, radiographic units, and dental units
  • Assisted in testing panoramic and cephalometric units
  • Performed annual ACR testing of CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, PET, and Mammography units 
  • Performed measurements with Raysafe Xi, Raysafe X2, and 8000 Victoreen NERO mAx
  • Designed lead shielding for fixed radiographic units and EOS spine unit
  • Communicated with radiologists and technologists about radiation safety concerns, artifacts, and technique use
  • Estimated dose to personnel and patients from radiographic exams
  • Performed fetal dose estimate for CT scan
  • Assisted with radiation safety presentation and question and answer session for second-year medical students
  • Taught class on basic interactions and radiation detection for diagnostic imaging course
  • Gave monthly presentations on current medical physics topics
  • Expected to fulfill MQSA certification requirements in June 2018

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, July 2014-July 2015

Student Radiation Safety Technician

  • Performed contamination surveys using a Geiger-Mueller (GM) detector
  • Calibrated GM detectors
  • Performed lab inspections 
  • Assisted in keeping Vanderbilt's radiation safety program in compliance with federal and state regulations

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, February 2013-May 2014

Nuclear Physics Lab Assistant

  • Guided students with labs that demonstrated fundamental radiation physics principles such as photoelectric effect, Compton scattering, and half-life
  • Ensured all safety procedures were followed 
  • Assisted students with course materials


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, September 2011- February 2014


  • Graded Quantum Physics, Celestial Mechanics, and Physics II
  • Checked for signs of academic misconduct

Blackthorn Medical Physics, June 2011-August 2011

Medical Physics Intern

  • Assisted in testing a variety of imaging machines, including mammography machines, CT scanners, x-ray machines, portable C-arms and fixed fluoroscopy units.
  • Utilized Radcal AccuGold Multisensor, RTI CT Dose Profile Chamber, and RTI Barracuda Multisensor to make measurements
  • Calibrated Microstar dosimetry system on multiple occasions
  • Observed High Dose Radiation Therapy, total body irradiation, radiotherapy treatment planning, and the installation of a linear accelerator

Research Experience

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, October 2016-Present

  • Medical Physics Resident, Mentor: Dr. Ken Lewis, Co-Author: Dr. Joseph Kuebker, A dose comparison between CT and KUB exams in a kidney stone surveillance program
  • Performed Mote Carlo Simulations using PCXMC software to determine the effective dose from patient-specific KUB images.
  • Performed statistical analysis using R to compare CT and KUB dose along with possible contributing factors such as BMI.

Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science, July 2015- May 2016

  • Research Intern, Mentor: Dr. Charles Caskey, Neuromodulation using ultrasound tracked by functional MRI
  • Built phantoms to assess acoustic interactions during transcranial ultrasound
  • Utilized SolidWorks to design and 3D print parts for the project
  • Mapped ultrasound beams for different transducers using a hydrophone

Triangle University Nuclear Laboratory, May 2013- July 2013

  • Research Intern, Mentor: Dr. John Kelley, Nuclear Data Evaluation on Beta Delayed Particle Decay
  • Performed data evaluation on the following beta decays and beta delayed particle decays: 20C (ß-n), 20N (ß-), 20N (ß-n), 19N (ß-), 19N (ß- n), 20Na (ß+ a) , 17Ne (ß+), 17Ne (ß+ p), 17Ne (ß+ a)
  • Data evaluations published online for the Experimental Unevaluated Nuclear Data List (XUNDL) and the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF)

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, June 2012- August 2012

  • Smart Lighting Research Intern, Mentors: Dr. Robert Bunch, Dr. Sergio Granieri, UV LEDs to detect pathogens on a surface
  • Worked to design an optical probe head (with interchangeable parts) to detect the fluorescence of a material
  • Designed and performed multiple experiments to determine parameters for the probe head
  • Researched the feasibility of using UV LED’s to detect pathogens

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, November 2011- April 2012

  • Directed Research Student, Mentor: Dr. Aellen Holder, Optimizing Beam Selection in Radiotherapy
  • Helped develop a technique to minimize the amount of damage to critical structures, and maximize the amount of damage to tumors
  • Used dynamic programming to decide whether treatment angles should be re-optimized during the course of daily treatments

(This résumé was posted on 17 November 2017.)