Ann Marie Santiago
13720 Lincoln Street
Oak Park, MI 48237
   248 514 5664
Wayne State University, Detroit MI
School of Medicine
MS in Medical Physics
May 2018
Wayne State University, Detroit MI
School of Medicine
MS in Basic Medical Sciences
May 1998
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI
School of Literature, Science & the Arts
BS in Anthropology-Zoology
April 1994
Professional Experience
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Department of Pharmacology
Research Assistant to David Kessel, PhD
Basic duties:  Conducting in vitro experiments to study Photodynamic Therapy (fluorescence, confocal and electron microscopy), training graduate students, editing manuscripts and proposals, maintaining laboratory function, office and minor secretarial tasks. July 1994 to present
Photodynamic therapy as an effective therapeutic approach in MAME models of inflammatory breast cancer.  Aggarwal, Santiago, Kessel, Sloane.  Breast Cancer Res Treat 2015
Effects of endosomal photodamage on membrane recycling and endocytosis.  Andrzejak, Santiago, Kessel.  Photochem Photobiol 2011
Monitoring singlet oxygen and hydroxyl radical formation with fluorescent probes during photodynamic therapy. Price, Reiners, Santiago, Kessel. Photochem Photobiol 2009
Related Experience
Susan G Komen Tissue Bank, Tissue Collection Event at Karmanos Cancer Institute, Detroit MI
Volunteer lab technician, processed breast tissue samples
Gershenson Radiation Oncology Center, Internships,
Patient IMRT QA
Clinical Rotation: Treatment unit, Treatment Planning, Sim/4DCT, Chart Checks, Special Procedures (Gamma Knife, Brachytherapy) September 2016
August 2015 -April 2016

(This résumé was posted on 21 May 2018.)