Experienced Nuclear Engineer/Health Physicist

Kieran J. McMahon Resume


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Graduation May 2009
Bachelor of Science in Nuclear & Radiological Engineering
GPA: 3.00/4.00

Relevant coursework includes: Radiation Physics, Radiation Detection, Radiation Sources and Applications, Reactor Physics, Reactor Engineering, Plasma Physics and Fusion Engineering, Thermodynamics


Radiological Engineer
12/2014 - Present
Newport News Shipbuilding
Kesselring Site
Ballston Spa, NY

* Establish radiological controls standards and oversee their implementation into written technical direction
* Interpret and clarify radiological controls requirements and instructions
* Engineer and administer local radiological controls procedures
* Mentor and provide on-the-job training to Engineers of Radiological Work
* Participate in and oversee Exposure Reduction program
* Perform Activity Estimates of Radioactive Waste for shipping, including Microshield calculations
* Review and concur with characterization and disposition of radioactive and hazardous waste
* Review gamma counting data and provide technical disposition for Radioactive Material
* Author Radiological Deficiency Reports, evaluate trends in deficiencies and issue trending reports
* Administer Radiological Health program by authorizing dosimetry for qualified personnel
* Support Site Emergency Response organization as Dose Assessment Evaluator
* Review and approve Dosimetry Placement Documents to ensure appropriate radiation monitoring for workers based on work area radiation levels
* Perform frequent surveillances of radiological work to ensure compliance with procedures and requirements
* Issue and approve radiological deficiency reports when requirements are not met
* Develop radiation survey maps and approve required dosimetry based upon work area radiation levels

Nuclear Engineer
12/2013 – 12/2014
Newport News Shipbuilding
Kesselring Site
Ballston Spa, NY

* Write detailed Technical Work Instructions for tradesworkers to perform maintenance activities on Naval Reactor systems
* Characterize and provide disposition paths for potentially hazardous and radiological wastes that may be produced during maintenance activities
* Design and implement radiological controls in work instructions that are compliant with NAVSEA requirements including radiation exposure reduction practices, contamination controls based on expected contamination levels, and proper handling and disposition of radiological materials
* Provide Deckplate Engineer Support by tracking and overseeing work performed in accordance with written procedures and resolving emergent deficiencies to minimize schedule impacts
* Provide planning meeting updates from Engineering department to Production and Planning crews to uphold a steady workflow through maintenance shutdowns

05/2009 – 12/2013
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
Savannah River National Laboratory
Aiken, SC 

* Perform maintenance and calibrations of radiation detectors to meet QA requirements 
* Perform daily QA checks to verify equipment is operating to high standards such as Materials Control & Accountability (MC&A) protocols
* Calibrate and operate several High Purity Germanium gamma ray assay systems with various sample geometries
* Work in radiologically contaminated areas donning full anti-contamination clothing and respirator as needed
* Participate in projects involving field-testing radiation detection equipment for law enforcement funded by the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) of the Department of Homeland Security with focus on detection of illicit trafficking of radiological material in environments such as maritime vessels or ports of entry
* Serve as instructor of the Weapons of Mass Effect Course for Customs and Border Protection with focus on detection and real-time identification of illicit radiological material and officer safety
* Serve as instructor for FBI classes involving radiological scenarios such as Radiological Crime Scene Investigation, WMD Coordinator Training, and Radiological Worker Requalification courses with focus on controlling a contaminated area, real-time identification of radiation sources, and minimizing radiation exposure
* Perform non-destructive assay measurements using various techniques and equipment including semi-annual verification measurements of laboratory special nuclear material for nuclear material safeguards and field measurements of waste material on the Savannah River Site to support Environmental Management missions
* Develop MCNP models to support benchmarking of measurement results of radioactive materials on site


* Associate Health Physicist through the American Board of Health Physicists (ABHP)
* NAVSEA Contamination Worker Qualified
* NAVSEA 9210.47c Category 2 Waste Generator Qualified
* NAVSEA Article 112 Radiological Training for Nuclear Engineers Qualified
* Los Alamos National Laboratory Department of Nuclear Safeguards Advanced Hands-on Neutron Non-Destructive Assay Training, 2012
* SRNL Advanced Radiological Worker, 2010-2013
* US Customs Radiological and Nuclear Instructor, 2010-2013
* FBI Radiological and Nuclear Instructor, 2010-2013
* Los Alamos National Lab Department of Nuclear Safeguards Fundamentals of Non-Destructive Assay Training, 2010
* DOE Radiological Worker II, 2009-2013

Information regarding security clearances held can be obtained by contacting me using the Contact button at the bottom of this page.


DiPrete, D. P., DiPrete, C. C., McMahon, K. J., Malek, M. A., Couture, A. H., & Pak, D. J. Radiometric detector options to aid in DOE high activity waste tank in situ characterization efforts. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry: Volume 296, Issue 2 (2013), Pages 1017-1023.

McMahon, K.J., DiPrete, D. P., Missimer, D., Ajo, H., Jurgenson, A., & Sigg, R. “Characterization of an Advanced Solid State Neutron Detection Material.” Presented at the Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society. November 30 - December 5 2010.


Experienced in nuclear engineering codes such as MCNP, SCALE, LABSOCS/ISOCS spectroscopy codes, and Microshield. Also experienced using MATLAB and Python programming codes. Proficient in spectroscopy programs such as Genie 2K and Maestro, and most major computer systems, information systems, spreadsheet applications, graphic and presentation applications, and word processing applications, including but not limited to: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista; Mac OS X; Microsoft Office Suite: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio; Internet Explorer

(This résumé was posted on 21 September 2017.)