Kyle Johnson
Lakewood, CO, 80227

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 
Bachelor of Science | May 2009 Applied Physics 
Concentration in Medical Physics 

Work Experience
Health Physicist 2| Saint Louis FUSRAP | Saint Louis, MO | 3/2011- 5/2016
On-site, contract Health Physicist 2 for multiple companies including American Veteran Environmental Services, Inc., Cabrera Services, Inc., and Wallace Technical Resources. The client was the United States Army Corp. of Engineers 
• Duties included: Transportation and Disposal coordination of contaminated soils via railcar, oversight of remedial and restoration phases of vicinity properties, inspection of rail cars to meet shipping standards. 
•  Daily quality control activities concerning railcars including daily reports and inventories. 
•  Characterization activities utilizing MARSSIM and MARLAP.
• Facilitated recalibration of all on site check sources. 
•  CQC for the characterization of the Ft. Greeley SM-1A decommissioned reactor and surrounding area. Sampling consisted of building materials, in-situ groundwater, soil/sediment, vapor and air particulate. 

Health Physicist | Waste Control Specialist | Andrews, TX | 9/2009- 7/2010
• Responsible for development and implementation of Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program (REMP)
• Duties included development of program reports (Byproduct, Low-Level, and Treatment and Storage licenses) for license criteria to the TCEQ and EPA. 
• Data analysis for all offsite radiological environmental and special nuclear materials laboratory results.. Sampling analysis utilizing (Gamma/Alpha spectrometry, Liquid scintillation, and Lucas cell methods) to meet MARLAP guidance criteria; and environmental.  Radon monitoring for dosimetry and environmental monitoring purposes. 

Additional Experience and applied Health Physics Training
40 Hour HAZWOPER, 30 hour OSHA construction, IATA, HAZMAT DOT, CQC, DOE certified as a Radiation Control Technician. Health Physics Courses in: Radiological Physics and Dosimetry I, Nuclear Instruments, and Principles of Radiation Biology. Computer Software: RESRAD™, Sanitas™ (Groundwater statistical package), Unix, Java Script, C, Hotspots, MicroShield™, Cap-88, and MS Office. Equipment/Tools: Radiation detection instruments, radon monitoring, dosimeters (electronic, OSLs, TLDs, RadTracks), and electrical experience. Familiar with circuit design and blueprint reading of electronic equipment. 

Professional Societies
Health Physics Society (HPS) – Member since 2009.

(This résumé was posted on 24 May 2018.)