HP Title Protection

The HP Title Protection Task Force will make recommendations to the HPS Board for how to strengthen and protect the title of "health physicist." Specific areas to address include:

  • Rigorous definition of the health physics profession that clarifies and contrasts the health physics (HP) profession relative to medical physics, a professional health physicist vs. an HP technician, and others.
  • Decision on whether/how to engage the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) on this issue, including assessment of whether it's more desirable to have this initiative led by NCRP.
  • Recommendations on course curriculum and credit hours to support requirements for the radiation safety officer position (medical field and other) and to petition the Office of Personnel Management to more rigorously define federal HP job requirements for health physicists.
  • Recommendation on whether HPS should pursue licensure and regulation of the HP profession, and if so, see if there are particular states to start the process.

Current Members

Director: Thomas Morgan, '20
Chair: (vacant)
Richard Harvey, Cochair, '20
Kathy Higley, '20
Jan Katanic, '20
Craig Little, '20
Jay Maisler, Cochair, '20
Mike Sheetz, '18