HPS Affiliate: Hopewell Designs, Inc.

Affiliate Website: http://www.hopewelldesigns.com/

Services Offered

Hopewell Designs, Inc. provides automated and manual irradiator systems
and radiation shielding for government laboratories, nuclear power plants,
private industry, medical laboratories and universities in the Americas and
throughout the world. We began operations in 1994 by designing and
manufacturing the first fully automated calibration laboratory for the
Department of Energy at the Savannah River Site. Today we are the
primary provider of automated irradiator systems for calibrating radiation
survey meters. Our expertise and experience in radiation and shielding
design, software development, systems integration, manufacturing, training,
and complex project management enables us to deliver quality products and
service for hundreds of clients.

Let us help you with your project. Contact us by telephone at 770-667-5770
or email us now at sales@hopewelldesigns.com.