HPS Affiliate: Saphymo/Bertin Instruments

Affiliate Website: www.bertin-instruments.com

Services Offered

Saphymo provides measurement devices, mobile and stationary systems for
radiation protection and emergency response for environmental protection in the
nuclear industry, research centers and homeland security. Since the acquisition
in 2015 through Bertin Technologies Saphymo has strengthened its position in
USA through Bertin Corp., Rockville, MD. Besides their focus in life sciences and
CB threat detection the Saphymo product lines provide the RN roundup in
dosimetry, portal monitors, contamination, environmental monitoring networks
and radon are offered. In particular state-of-the-art low-power systems with
very reliable radio transmission (> 3 000 sensors) are used by US customers as
US EPA, DoE, NIST, nuclear plants, institutes, universities, mitigation
companies, mines, navy, and police departments.

2096 Gaither Road
Suite 230
Rockville MD 20850
www.bertin-corp.com (for our webstore)